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The Art and Soul of Acting

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About Us


TASA Studio is the only full-service acting studio located in Shreveport, Louisiana.  We are home to new and professional actors in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas.  TASA Studio director, Mary Thoma, is a  professional actress and certified Meisner Technique Instructor with over 25 years of acting, directing and teaching/ coaching experience.

TASA Studio is the only True Acting Institute certified studio in the state. We offer training in acting for film, television, voice-acting and stage. Our multiple services assist in the development of a vibrant acting technique, a strong business model for your acting career and a healthy and holistic approach to your life as an actor.

We believe that actors flourish in an environment of truth, trust and respect. TASA Studio honors the work, the process and the unique gifts of every actor, regardless of experience.

TASA will empower you by instilling the following precepts:

Honoring your work: At TASA, you will learn a healthy, organic and systematic approach to your preparation and work that allows you to take empowered ownership of your process while developing a technique that works for YOU. You will progress in your abilities as an actor .

Honoring your Process: Learning to live truthfully in the present moment, integrating and strengthening the imagination, while opening our hearts more fully to other human beings is a high and difficult calling. It requires vulnerability, courage and dedication. We honor the journey and will support and accompany you on it.

Honoring your unique gifts as an actor-artist:  There is truly no one like you. The world needs your unique, specific and truthful point of view. It is your greatest gift as an actor. Your growth and development as an authentic, truthful and healthy actor/artist is our primary goal.

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