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Private Instruction


Private Instruction

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Time: By appointment

Age:  Age six to adult

This is one-on-one consultation and instruction that allows you to work on very specific details of your craft. This is a needs-driven, results-oriented session that focuses on areas that you feel need additional attention so that you can overcome impediments that stand in the way of the most realized you.

Customized to fit each client’s needs.

These sessions are also used by working actors needing help with an audition, or for developing a character for an up- coming project. Writers and directors have also used private sessions to help sharpen their ability to communicate with their talent.

Private coaching can also be used to help beginners. Acting classes can be difficult with a busy schedule and a bit intimidating, but are eventually a must if the actor is to move forward. One-on-one coaching sessions and acting lessons are available with Mary at her studio. All private coaching (in person and on-line) is by appointment only and a 24 hour cancellation notice is required.

Private Coaching can also be utilized to accelerate the learning process for both the craft & the business of acting.

Business of Acting: This includes cold reading, auditioning, agents, managers, photos, resume and unions.

On-Set: Preparing for television and movie shoots.

Script Consultation: Her knowledge of scripts makes her critiques valuable for writers as well as actors.

Corporate Accounts: She coaches to improve speaking and communication abilities.

Private Instruction from TASA

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